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February 16, 2012 / brianawickhamdesigns

Marketing in the World of Social Media

Graphic Design is interlinked to many different opportunities in business big and small. I know that I’d really like to work within a larger company so I’ve been putting in some thought about working in marketing. But with the advantages of Social Media, marketing seems to be rapidly changing.

I think that it’s incredible how fast companies are able to jump onto trends.  According to the Hubspot “State of Inbound Marketing,” between 2009 and 2011 the number of company blogs inflated by 17%, which doesn’t seem all that great until the ratings came in, from “27% of users” who call the sites critically important to the business (HubSpot). Expanding into the world of social media 60% of users found companies’ content on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter “useful” or “better” (HubSpot). As of October of 2011 Coca-Cola had the greatest number of fans on Facebook with a “weekly growth of 81,620 users” (

Pinterest homepage

Pinterest Home Page


Beth Hayden on CopyBlogger wrote an article how companies can expand their presence onto Pinterest. According to the New York Post, Pinterest has been slowly growing over, but since it’s inception 6 months ago the number of users increased to 1/3 of the number of Twitter. If companies are able to harness the fast growing site they could greatly increase their audience.

One of the ways that Hayden suggests that companies utilize Pinterest is by connecting all social media platforms together through links. Creativity is also key, so Hayden wants companies to take advantage of the boards that Pinterest has as well as constantly posting or “pinning” to the site and tagging each pin.

Pinterest is just one of the growing social media sites that is gaining recognition. Other sites that are being pioneered have been growing more and more specialized – geared towards topics like food, fashion and design. With this specialization comes more opportunity for a company to reach their chosen demographic. Perhaps one day there will be a social media site specifically geared towards advertisements.

Read in more detail:


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